Can you explain the IBPA program, and how publishers and authors of different sizes can participate in NetGalley?

IBPA is the Independent Book Publishers Association, based in the US, and NetGalley is pleased to partner with their organization. IBPA has a branded, discounted NetGalley program that makes it easy for small and indie publishers and authors to list books on NetGalley. They also have an audiobook program, which is the only way to list audiobooks on NetGalley on a per-title basis at this time.

Remember, you can also list a single title directly with NetGalley.

IBPA offers several ways to participate, depending on your budget.

1. $499 6-month title listing via IBPA.

  • IBPA publishers and authors can book a discounted listing on NetGalley for a 6 month period.
  • Books will be active on the NetGalley site for 6 months, available in the NetGalley catalog for influential readers to READ NOW (all members have automatic approval).
  • IBPA will handle your book set-up, approve requests, provide you with a widget to invite your contacts to view your book, and provide reporting.
  • Support inquiries and questions will be handled by IBPA staff.

2. $299 Three-month title listing via IBPA

  • The standard six-month listing includes all of the above benefits, but for a three month listing period.
  • NetGalley does not offer a general 3-month listing option; this option is exclusive to IBPA members.

They also have audiobook title listings, as well as a number of NetGalley promotions that you can participate in. See their website for more details.

Working with the IBPA is the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way for small publishers and indie authors to list their book quickly on NetGalley. To list your book on NetGalley through the IBPA program, please visit the IBPA website to sign up

For publishers with eight or more books per year, the NetGalley subscription option allows you to add and archive books throughout the one-year subscription period. This option is the most cost-effective if you publish on a regular/seasonal schedule. There is a discount of 10% for the first year of your NetGalley subscription for IBPA members. 

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