Viewing Requests for a Specific Title

To view Requests, click on the "Requests" tab in the top navigation. To find all requests for a particular book, click on any book title or on the green "Requests" button showing the number of pending requests.

On the main Manage Requests page you also have a number of options:


  1. See at-a-glance request totals for active and archived books at the top of the page. 
  2. Sort by any of the column headers: book title, pub date, archive date or the number of pending requests. Click the green "Requests" button to approve or decline individual requests.
  3. Keep an eye on overall activity using the information next to the gauge, to see how many members already have access to a book, and how many want to read it.

For more information on what information you can see about a member, please click here. 

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