Best Practices for Scheduling Request by Member Type

The Availability section is your one-stop place to plan a book's lifecycle on NetGalley.

Here are our suggested best practices for scheduling request availability:

  • We recommend scheduling the Archive Date and request availability dates by member type ahead of time. Set it and forget it!
  • Give all member types access at some point of your book's lifecycle, so you can benefit from all types of exposure.
  • Keep your Archive Date and Pub Date in mind when scheduling availability. You can view all dates in one place on the Reading Options page.
  • Collect wishes from members who can't request, so that you can still generate enthusiasm for your titles even when you are limiting requests.

An example schedule:

  1. Send widgets to your most important long-lead media contacts while keeping the title Private/Invite Only.
  2. Give booksellers earliest access (for store purchasing/planning purposes)
  3. Allow media professionals request access
  4. Schedule librarian & educator access
  5. Last, but certainly not least, schedule request access for reviews (bloggers, BookTubers, bookstagrammers, and more!)
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