Approving and Declining Requests in Bulk

You can approve and decline requests in bulk.

On the Manage Requests page for any title, you will see links to Approve All Requests or Decline All Requests on the bottom of the page. When you click this link and confirm the action, all of the requests on that page will be managed based on your decision. 


Request Filtering: if you have filtered your request by member type or region, your filter will remain when you approve or decline requests on the page (for example, if you're filtering to see only bookseller requests, only the bookseller requests on that page will be approved or declined in bulk). 

Notification to members: When you Approve All Requests, members will receive your Approval Email (see how to edit that message here). When you Decline All Requests, members will not receive any notification. If you have a custom title-specific email set up, members will receive the custom email when you Approve All or Decline All.

As always, your approval and decline decisions will appear in your history and reports.

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