Information About Members Requesting Titles

To view information about members requesting access to your books, click the Requests link in the top navigation, or click on the orange arrow next to "Requests" on the Title Details page. Click the green "Requests" button showing the number of pending requests for an individual book. From this page, you can: 

  • See and sort requests by date.
  • See and sort requests by name or Member Type (and subtype). Or, use the filters to manage requests from one Member Type or region.
  • View the member's approval percentage: how many times their requests have been approved or declined, by all publishers.
  • View the member's Feedback Ratio: how many books they have reviewed vs. total books accessed.
  • See and sort by your personal history with that member, using our "traffic light" system.
  • View the member's geographic location noted by the flag icon next to the member's name.
  • To sort requests by column, simply click the column headers. The arrow will show you which column is currently sorted.


Click any member name to view their complete Profile, and approve, decline and auto-approve, without leaving the page. This includes earned badges, their bio, categories of interest, previous NetGalley reviews, and links to where they talk about books. 

Learn more about what you can see in a member's Profile here.

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