ALA, ABA, BA and ALIA Logos on Member Profiles

Through our partnerships with the American Library Association, American Booksellers Association, the Booksellers Association in the UK, and the Australian Library and Information Association, valid members can display their affiliation in their NetGalley Profile.

When a member joins NetGalley as a Librarian, they have the opportunity to add their ALA or ALIA member number to their NetGalley account. Booksellers can add their ABA or BA number, depending on their location.

When a valid ALA, ALIA, ABA or BA member number is added to a NetGalley account, you will see the appropriate logo next to their name when they request a title or when you view their Profile.

Hint: Auto-Approve these members so that their future requests will be instantly approved, saving you time managing requests, and giving them even faster access to your titles!

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