Seeing Request History for Titles

There are several ways to see your Request History for a title, or for all Active Titles in your account.

  1.  To view a summary of all activity for your books, download the Active Title report from your Dashboard.
  2.  To view summary information for one book, click the Requests tab in the header. You'll see a summary of activity, next to the gauge "Stats" symbol. (Can't find a specific title? There may not be any pending requests for that book. You can always see history for books with no pending requests by following these steps) Click the green button for any book.
  3.  On the next page, you'll notice the same gauge "Stats" symbol on the top right. This will update dynamically as you approve or decline requests.
  4. You can also view a detailed Approval History by clicking View History as shown below. On the resulting page you can filter by type of approval (widgets, wishes, requests, etc.).
  5.  Finally, you can always download a Detailed Activity report. This will provide you with an Excel-based report of all activity for this title, including member contact information.





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