How Members Share Reviews

Sharing via Social Media

Members can easily share their reviews to social media by linking their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads accounts to their NetGalley account. Members can also link other social media sites like Tiktok from their profile. 


Posting to Retail Sites

Members can also share their reviews to retail sites once a title has been published. In a member’s Feedback Sent tab of their Shelf, the “Post to Retail Sites” filter helps them keep track of recently published titles. members can post their reviews to Amazon and Barnes & Noble and members can post to Waterstones and

When a member clicks on a retail link, their review is copied to their clipboard and they are directed to the product page on the retailer’s website. From there, they will simply paste their review and save to post it.Post_to_Retail_Shelf_withtitles.png

You can see where members have shared their reviews using the Feedback Report.


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