Flagging Reviews

If you receive a review that you feel is inappropriate in some way, you can flag the review from your Reviews tab on your Feedback page. 

To flag a review, navigate to your Feedback page (either by clicking "See All" in the Feedback column on Manage Requests, or by clicking "Feedback" from the Title Details page, near the bottom of the left-side navigation). Next, click "Reviews" and find the review in question.

Below the text of the review, click the text that says "Flag Review"


When you flag a review, you'll be prompted to select a reason why, from the options listed below:



You can also choose "Other", which opens a comment box to send a custom message to the NetGalley community management team.

If the review meets our flagging criteria, our team will remove the review from visibility on the Title Details page (but the review and member details will still be available to you in your publisher account). The star rating from a review that has been flagged and removed by the NetGalley team will not affect the overall star rating for your title.

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