Incorporating the Widget into Marketing Strategies

Here are a few quick ideas of how to use the widget to market and promote your title(s). Remember that widget invites are more likely to result in a download of the file than an approved catalog request, so it is in your best interest to utilize the widget frequently.

  • Paste the widget in your emails to grant contacts quick, pre-approved access to view the title.
  • Include the widget link as part of a trade advertisement to quickly and easily fulfill digital review copy requests.
  • Generate a list of open widget links from your Dashboard
  • Use the link with a QR code on printed materials like postcards, business cards, or fliers at trade shows.
  • Send a widget to your Auto-Approved NetGalley member list to give them access to a private title and remind them to find your other titles in the catalog.
  • Send the widget to giveaway winners.
  • Share it in-house to spread the word internally.

Please contact us if you're planning a campaign or marketing initiative for a title using the email address widgetcampaign[at], and we'll be happy to share tips and tricks, as well as examples. Also, check out the section on Template Language and Examples.

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