Template Language for Independent Publicists

If you are working with an independent or freelance publicist for one of your titles, let them use the widget to promote the title! The information below is designed to be shared with the publicist, to help them understand how to use the NetGalley widget effectively.

Publishers build NetGalley title pages for their digital review copies. These may include press releases, marketing information, photos, cover art, videos, and audio in the “Press Kit” -- plus the digital review copy of that title. They can offer contacts several different reading options for the digital review copy-- download a protected or open file, to be read on a computer, tablet or a reading device. More info and step-by-step instructions for various devices can be found here.

Then, your contacts (reviewers, media, booksellers, buyers, etc) can be invited to view the digital review copy. You can invite as many contacts as you like, and there is no charge for contacts to view the title.

You will receive one of two links from the publisher, which you can then use to invite your contacts to view the digital review copy:

A widget is a pre-approved link to view a title on NetGalley. Here’s what it looks like in an email:



You can forward this email (change the email to include your pitch, of course) to your contacts to give them quick and direct access to the title.

Once your contacts receive your email and click on the widget, they will arrive at this page, with the cover and book title on the left, and login or registration on the right:


The recipient of this email is auto-approved to view the digital review copy, so once they login or register, they are immediately taken to the title page for that title. The Title Details Page is where they can download the file using the reading options enabled by the publisher.

The publisher can also share with you a link to the Title Details page that you can use in your pitch emails and promotions. This link requires recipients to request a digital review copy and be approved by the publisher before they can download it, and so is ideal for larger campaigns and marketing promotions.

When a contact clicks a request link, it will bring them to the catalog page for that title, which looks like this:



The member clicks the REQUEST button and the publisher will be notified. Then the publisher can either approve or decline their request to give them access to the digital review copy. Your contact will be notified when they have been approved or declined access.





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