Ways to Communicate with NetGalley Members

There are many different ways to communicate with NetGalley members. Some are automatically sent by NetGalley and some can be customized within your publisher account. You are also welcome to follow up with members yourself. Before you contact any NetGalley member, please consult the information in our Best Practices for Using Member Email Addresses.

Automatic Notification Emails

Each time a member's request is approved or declined, they are automatically notified by email. Publishers can customize their default approval and decline emails or customize by title.

Members are automatically notified if they are auto-approved by a publisher.

Members will automatically receive a notification if their wish for a title has been granted.

Members can opt in to receive an automated weekly checklist from NetGalley which will help them prioritize the books that they need to read and review first, and remind them when books they've been approved to read are reaching their pub date.

Publisher Outreach to Members

Once members have interacted with any of your titles, you will be able to see profile information in your history and reports. You can follow up with members to encourage them to review a title, or pitch them similar titles available on NetGalley. Learn more about reports here.

Here is some template language to help you get started with everything from sending widgets to inviting contacts to join Auto-Approved lists.

For more info, please consult the information in our Best Practices for Using Member Email Addresses.

Note: NetGalley clients must comply with all local laws and statutes related to the protection and legal use of members’ personal information (such as GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CCPA, etc). Clients should always download and use the most recent reports.

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