Scheduling an Archive Date in Advance

We strongly recommend that you schedule your archive dates. Scheduled archive dates help NetGalley clients better manage the flow of new titles in and out of NetGalley, and they help NetGalley members prioritize their review schedule. 

Remember: Requests must be managed at least 3 days before the Archive Date to ensure members have time to access the book.

Within your account, you can set default Archive Dates, which will be applied to all new titles when they are created. This date will be displayed to readers once they are approved to download the title.

To do so, click your Account Name at the top of the account (next to the silhouette icon). In the side-bar at the left, look for "Defaults for New Titles" and click "Archive Dates."  


You can select a certain number of days before or after the publication date to be applied automatically. If you want your titles to archive ON the publication date, choose Zero days before the pub date.


When an archive date is scheduled, the book will become unavailable for download at 11:45 PM local time on the date selected.

You can also set Archive Dates per title. Do this from your Title Details page for a particular title. Click "Archive Date" under Availability and choose the date you want this particular title to be archived, then click "save". Alternatively, you can press "Archive Now" to archive the title immediately. If you wish to archive immediately, ensure that you have dealt with all outstanding requests before pressing archive.



You can also archive titles immediately under Manage Titles. Click the purple gear icon to archive a title immediately.







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