Archiving a Title With Pending Requests

When a title is archived it is no longer available for download, even if a member has been approved beforehand.

Remember: Requests must be managed at least 3 days before the Archive Date to ensure members have time to access the book.

When you are ready to archive a title we recommend approving/declining all remaining requests for the title, making it private for one week, and then archiving the title. This process will allow the members you just approved to have some time to download the title before it is archived and unavailable, and it will take it out of the public catalog so it is no longer available for request. NetGalley Advanced clients can easily schedule the entire Title Timeline. 

Approved members cannot download an archived title from their NetGalley account because archiving a title removes the Download and Send to Kindle buttons from the Title Details page. But, if they have already downloaded the title before the archive date, they will still be able to access it. 

To make a title private, navigate to Manage Titles, select the title, and click the orange arrow in the Availability section. Select Private/Invite Only and be sure to save your changes.



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