Bring NetGalley to Conferences and Events

Get the most out of your NetGalley subscription when you attend industry conferences and other events. NetGalley is a much more sustainable option than printing and shipping ARCs! Offering NetGalley access at, or as a follow up to, events can be great for when you run out of (or to replace) printed ARCs. Here are some ideas:

  • Use QR codes alongside (or instead of) a stack of books, which directs attendees to NetGalley to Request or Read Now
  • Follow up with attendees by sending them a NetGalley Widget link to invite them to access your book(s)
  • Offer opt-in options to attendees who prefer digital reading

Use the templates below, or create your own designs, to let attendees know that they can access your titles via NetGalley and to build excitement for your most important new releases. Download the .ai templates at the bottom of this page, which can be used with any design program like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. 

When choosing a link to associate with a QR code, consider whether you will collect Requests, Wishes, or offer your books as Read Now to conference attendees.

Choose a size (postcard or bookmark), download the files, drop in your logo and cover images, add the publisher name, and take them with you wherever you go! Whether you’re going to national conferences for the ALA or the ABA, regional events, or even if you want to give them out at author events, these templates will ensure that your readers know about your digital catalog on NetGalley.


QR Code Example

Be sure to consider the link you'll use for your QR code! It can drive to your Publisher Profile page (showing all of your Active titles on NetGalley), or a single book, or can be part of a LinkTree alongside other important CTAs for your event!

QR Code Example.png



Download the template and simply insert your book covers and logo! The images below are front and back of the postcard. 



Be sure to add in your NetGalley URL in the blue box on the back of the postcard!






NetGalley Discover Bookmark







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