Archiving Titles on NetGalley

When you archive a title in NetGalley, the title is no longer available for request, and you cannot use the widget to invite new contacts to view the digital review copy.

Once a title is archived, it no longer counts against your NetGalley title limit. Archived titles are automatically removed from the catalog, but will be visible as "Previously on NetGalley". Members will always be able to open the Title Detail page, but in place of the reading options buttons, will see a status message that says, “This title was previously available on NetGalley and is now archived.”


Below is what members will see if they click on an archived title.


Approved readers cannot download an archived title from their NetGalley account because archiving a title removes the Download and Send to Kindle buttons from the Title Details page. But, if they have already downloaded the title before the archive date, they will still be able to access it. If a reader has already downloaded the galley using the “Download” button, they will be able to access the title via Adobe Digital Editions only until the title expires (for example, if they have downloaded the digital review copy into Adobe Digital Editions, and have 23 days of 55 remaining when you archive the title, they will still have the title for 23 days, after which the file will no longer be accessible). Readers will only be able to access the Kindle file if they have already sent it to their device/Amazon account by pressing the Kindle button in NetGalley. Readers can submit Feedback for archived titles.

Below is what members see when titles they have been approved for are archived.


When an archive date is scheduled in advance, the book will become unavailable for download at 11:45 PM local time on the date selected. 






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