Importance of an Archive Date

We recommend always setting an archive date when you initially create a title in NetGalley for a few reasons:

  • Concentrated buzz and timeline. Scheduling an archive date in advance means that the full timeline for your book's time on NetGalley is understood. This encourages members to request, download, read and review your book within the timeframe you set.
  • Member communication. Archive dates are highly visible to approved members, and help them understand how long they have to access your content. In a recent poll, members noted that one of the top reasons they did not provide feedback for a title is because the title had been archived before they had the chance to download it.
  • Managing requests. As the archive date approaches, NetGalley will automatically put those titles at the top of your Manage Requests page. Remember: Requests must be managed at least 3 days before the Archive Date to ensure members have time to access the book.
  • Manage your title level. Scheduling archive dates in advance gives you clear insight about when new titles can be added in your account.

Archiving is easy to do, helpful in managing your internal workflow, and provides clarity for members.

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