Company Admin Dashboard

The Company Admin Dashboard offers publishers with multiple imprints an overview of activity across imprints, plus easy access into each individual imprint and imprint-specific reports. Even if you have just one NetGalley login, this dashboard offers top-level insight about your account activity.  




Publishers can log in to their Company Admin Dashboard to see a bird’s eye view of activity across all imprints. This includes the number of active titles, pending requests, and the pub date range. These details will help you identify how NetGalley usage differs across imprints, including which imprints have uploaded their most recent titles and which have been managing requests most efficiently.

Click the Dashboard icon next to an individual imprint to access the imprint-specific Publisher Dashboard if you’d like to manage titles or requests, or create widgets. Publishers can navigate back to the Company Admin Dashboard, or choose a different imprint to access by selecting from the list in the Settings drop down.


On the Company Admin Dashboard, click the Activity icon to see imprint-specific reports. These reports include:

If you would like to view these charts across the entire company, you can adjust the drop down menu at the top of that page.


The Company Admin Dashboard is only available to NetGalley Advanced clients. For more information,  reach out to us here.






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