Receiving Reports on Archive Date

NetGalley Advanced clients can opt to automatically receive, by email, all reports for a title on its archive date. This includes the Snapshot PDF reportDetailed Activity reportFeedback report, and Opinions report. These reports will be sent to the default email selected for request and feedback alerts in your Settings. You can also have them sent to a second email address by customizing who receives email alerts for a particular title.

To receive these reports automatically for your titles, go to the Settings page for your imprint account(s). Remember, you can dive into each specific imprint account from the Company Admin Dashboard. Settings are found in the upper right-hand corner.



Then, under Email Alerts, check the box to receive all title reports on the archive date.





To add another email address to receive title-specific reports, go to a Title Details page and click on Email Alerts. Set a custom email address for this book and this person will now receive feedback and request alerts for this title, as well as receive the title reports when the book is archived.




This feature is only available to NetGalley Advanced clients.





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