See Members Who Have Downloaded Your Titles

You can access this information by clicking on the Approval History in the left-hand sidebar of the Title Details page.



You can see if a member has clicked to read your content, and which reading option they've selected, from the Manage Requests page (by Title or by Member). Download refers to all devices except for Kindle.

For each line, you will see a "Clicked-to-Read" column which displays the number of times the member has clicked each reading option.


You might see a Clicked to Read count higher than one, which is normal. Learn more about why that might be the case here.

You can also find this information by navigating to the title's Manage Requests page and click View History to see who has downloaded your title. If the book does not have any pending requests, you can find this page by going to the Title Details page, scrolling down to the Requests section on the left-hand side and select Manage Requests. Now click View History.



Remember that no matter how many instances of the title they may have downloaded, the file itself is always protected with the DRM security settings you’ve applied.



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