Collecting and Granting Member Wishes

Clients can collect wishes from members instead of requests, then grant wishes similar to a giveaway.

NetGalley members can "wish" for a title if it is Private/Invite Only, is set to Wish Only, or is only available for certain member types to request (read more here).

When a member wishes for a title, it indicates interest in the book even though the publisher has not made it available for request.


NetGalley clients can "grant" wishes for books. Wish granting is randomized, like a sweepstakes or giveaway. You can grant wishes by member type, and you can grant up to as many wishes as they have collected for a title!

Please note:

  • Wish granting follows the region preference for the title. Wishes for out-of-region members cannot be granted. Wishes for muted members also cannot be granted.
  • When a wish is granted, you will see history of this in your account and reports.
  • When a title is set to Wish Only or is Private/Invite Only, auto-approved members will not be able to access the title - they will need to wish for it the same as any other member.


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