Running a Wishing Campaign

Want to start buzz without being flooded with requests? Or maybe you have a high-profile book that you need to keep Private/Invite Only, but still want to demonstrate member interest or run a special giveaway? Try collecting and granting wishes!

Wish campaigns are most effective in conjunction with NetGalley Promotions to current members. We do not recommend promoting Wish availability on social media or externally since it can be misleading to readers unfamiliar with NetGalley.


NetGalley members can wish for a book that is not available for request; for example, if you have allowed requests only for certain member types, or if the title is Private/Invite Only. Then, you can grant wishes, (you can even grant wishes by member type!). 

Wish granting is randomized, like a sweepstakes or giveaway, and you can grant wishes as often as you’d like. When a wish is granted, members receive a notification via email and in their NetGalley account.

NetGalley members can look for the wishbone icon when they browse titles. You can also direct members to Wish for your book through our  Promotions.

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