Data Storage & Privacy

Is NetGalley compliant in how members’ personal information and email addresses are stored and displayed?

The GDPR regulation specifies that all personal information must be stored securely and certain information must also be encrypted. NetGalley is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. Member email addresses are only visible to publishers with whom they have interacted--either by clicking Read Now or Request to get access to a publisher’s book, or by clicking a Widget link to access a book the publisher invited them to view. These interactions are the primary reason that members use NetGalley, and are covered by our Terms of Use.


Are NetGalley’s Terms of Use & Privacy Policy compliant with GDPR regulations?

NetGalley is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. NetGalley released updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy on May 22, 2018. All NetGalley members must accept both the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy in order to use the site.

Members may also fully delete their account. If a member deletes their account, publishers will still be able to see historical information about titles for which the member was approved and declined, and reviews that were provided. All personally identifiable information about the member, however, will be removed

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