Protected/Expiring Adobe Security (DRM) Option

You have the option to offer Expiring Adobe Security (DRM) downloads via NetGalley which you will see as a default option on the Settings page, as well as in the Settings section on the Title Details page.


If you offer your titles as Protected Galleys, Expiring, members will be able to download your digital review copy as a protected (DRM) file for a limited time.

  • Readers will not be able to print the file.
  • The content cannot be copied.
  • After 55 days, the file will expire for the individual member, but can be downloaded again if the publisher has not archived it.
  • The file cannot be forwarded or used by another person’s Adobe ID.

In order to view the title, contacts must login to NetGalley and download the file. They can then access the file through Adobe Digital Editions and/or on their compatible device, even if they are not logged in or do not have Internet/wireless access.

Readers must have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions (free) and authorized it to their Adobe ID for all devices except Kindle. Click here for a look at the full list of Adobe-supported devices.

View information about other DRM settings here:

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