Contacting NetGalley Members

How can publishers use member email addresses that they can see in their NetGalley account or reports?

We expect NetGalley clients to comply with all local laws and statutes related to the protection and legal use of members’ personal information. Publishers may contact NetGalley members directly only when the communication is related to that member’s NetGalley activity. Examples include:

  • Following up with members to remind them to download an approved book.
  • Reminding the member to submit or share feedback for an approved book.
  • Inviting a member to request or download (via widget link) another book they may enjoy on NetGalley, while clearly acknowledging why based on their prior activity.

We do not condone the sharing of member contact information with any third parties, and publishers should not add NetGalley members to any internal marketing or publicity lists or databases without additional, explicit consent from the member outside of the NetGalley platform. Click here for more resources on communicating with NetGalley members.

Here is more information about best practices for using member email addresses.

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