Automated Notifications

How is NetGalley compliant in the way automated notifications are delivered? (Activity-based notifications, such as approval or decline messages, weekly to-do list, etc.)

NetGalley members receive automated email notifications as a result of their activity on the site, such as alerting a member that their request has been approved. These notifications are critical to the NetGalley user experience and are covered in our Terms of Use; therefore, members do not have the ability to opt out of these vital notifications (unless they choose to delete their NetGalley account).

How is the Automated Weekly Checklist email compliant?

NetGalley members will only receive an automated Weekly NetGalley Checklist email as a result of their activity on the site. The member’s Checklist includes the number of books that are:

  • Ready for Download (approved titles they have not yet accessed)
  • Ready for Feedback (approved titles they downloaded, but have not yet submitted feedback)
  • Reviews that are ready to be shared (feedback submitted via NetGalley, but not yet clicked to share to social media and/or retail sites) for books published in the last 30 days.

Members have the ability to opt in or out of receiving the Weekly Checklist email in their Profile.

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