ISBNs to Include in Manifest

Your manifest file can contain as many titles as you’d like to create in NetGalley—just a few, or a whole season’s worth.

NetGalley will check each ISBN/title against your ONIX feed. If there is metadata for that title within your ONIX feed, we’ll pull the information in and create a title record in NetGalley. Title records will be created for all titles in that manifest file for which NetGalley has ONIX data. 

As soon as NetGalley processes a manifest file, it will be discarded, and you will not see it when you next login to your NetGalley FTP _INBOX folder. (Like a letter in a mailbox, NetGalley will remove the manifest to “open” it. You won’t ever need a record of the manifest since you can add new manifests at any time.)

If there is no ONIX data for an ISBN in your manifest, no title record can be created in NetGalley. You’ll need to re-upload the manifest again, when the ONIX data is updated to include that title. Or, just use the "Create New" button from within your NetGalley account to manually create a title record.

You can add manifests to your NetGalley FTP _INBOX folder as often as you’d like.

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