Contacting the NetGalley Concierge Team After Adding Titles

You don't need to notify the NetGalley Concierge team (via concierge[at] when you create new titles or upload content or covers. The Concierge team receives an internal notification when any titles are created (as well as when content has imported).

You will also get a NetGalley Import Report email when assets (covers, content files such as ePub and PDF files, or manifests) are added to the INBOX on s and successfully import into your NetGalley client account. Read more about that here.

We do recommend contacting us if you have added an asset (cover, content or manifest file) to the INBOX at s, and have not yet seen that asset appear in your NetGalley account, or in your NetGalley Import Report email email, by the end of the day. This usually means something is wrong! Most often this is a naming error or a mismatch between the ISBN you used in NetGalley and the ISBN you used for the asset.

We are also happy to help the first few times that you upload to the INBOX, as you are learning the process, so that we can check and make sure everything imports correctly.

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