and Region Preferences is our dedicated site for reaching UK-based audiences. UK NetGalley clients' titles appear on automatically, but if you wish to list your titles on - which is where US and Canadian members request books, you need to update your region settings.

You can see on which site(s) your titles are appearing in the Settings section on the Title Details page. It  looks like this:
Region Settings:
To change any of your region settings, simply click Region and you'll see the below:settings2.JPG
In this instance, this title is listed on without any region restrictions (as titles created on NetGalley UK are defaulted to do). To list on as well, simply click the tick next to This means your title will appear on both and 

You can also opt to receive requests only from certain regions. To do so, click the "Set Regions" text. This will allow you restrict requests from any of the UK, EU, Australia, US, or Canada.

Default Settings:

If you wish all your future titles to have the same region settings as a default, you can set that option. Learn more about setting default region preferences here.

To do so, click your Company Name at the top of the account. In the sidebar at the left, look for "Defaults for New Titles" and click the orange arrow next to "Region."
Just click Region and follow the same steps as for a single title. Once you’ve set up these defaults, all future titles you create will conform to these settings.
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