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Simple How-To Videos, Marketing Information and Examples, and Detailed Strategies for Using Tools and Reports

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How-To Videos

Creating a New Title (3 minutes)

How to create a new title record in NetGalley and upload your files.  

Availability Settings (3:15 minutes)

- How to edit availability settings in NetGalley. Options for making your title available in the NetGalley catalog include Private/Invite Only, Requests Allowed, Read Now, Wish

Using the Widget (2:30 minutes)

How to create and use the widget to invite your important contacts to download a specific title on NetGalley. View more widget best practices here.

Best Practices for Using the Widget (6:30 minutes)

-How to effectively incorporate the NetGalley widget into your marketing and publicity strategies.

Customizing Approval and Decline Emails (1:20 minutes)

- How to customize the email members receive when you approve or decline requests.

Wishes & Wish Granting (3:50 minutes)

- Learn the difference between Requests and Wishes, and how and why to grant wishes.

Using Hashtags on NetGalley (2:25 minutes)

-Hashtags: What they are, and how you can incorporate them into your NetGalley strategy.

Region Preference & (2:49 minutes)

-Learn about the differences between and and how to set region preferences for your titles within your NetGalley account.


NetGalley Advanced Features Tour (35:00)

NetGalley Advanced is our new premier service. It includes new charts and reports to help you understand your NetGalley activity, and new tools to save you time. Our goal is to help you spend less time pressing buttons and more time forming strategies!

Learn about customizable reports to help you compare title activity, how to pre-schedule availability for your books or set Read Now limits, and charts to track trends across your company.

NetGalley for Publicists (30 minutes)

We know publicists are extremely busy. From pitching to follow-up to reporting, the NetGalley tools are designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the work you already do.

Watch this video to learn how NetGalley can help you put review copies in the hands of media contacts, see who downloaded & reviewed, maintain a list of VIP contacts, pitch comp titles to interested readers, and more!

NetGalley 101 (30 minutes)

Looking for a quick overview of your NetGalley account? This webinar is for you. Learn about how to use NetGalley widgets, your auto-approved list, DRM options, and the Availability for your books-- and everything in between!

The Author's Path (1 hour)

- NetGalley's own Stuart Evers and Myfanwy Collins share some real-life experiences that will enlighten and inspire. Perfect for debut and independent authors, The Author's Path video will present a behind-the-scenes look at everything from options once your book is finished, to marketing and PR advice.

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