Tips for Managing NetGalley Workflow

Make sure that your titles are uploaded in a timely manner with these tips:

Don't wait for content.

It’s tempting to wait until the PDF or EPUB files are ready before creating title records. We strongly encourage you to create title records ahead of time (using the ONIX/manifest process or the Create New button) rather than waiting until your production team has already uploaded the content file to the NetGalley FTP site. Please keep in mind our processing schedule. Don't underestimate the value of having a title record set up ahead of time, so that once the PDF/EPUB imports, you'll be able to start using the digital review copy immediately. Remember that a title can be created in NetGalley but still be private--so there's no harm in having a "work in progress" title record in your account.

Share your NetGalley title lists internally. 

One of the most common reasons that a content file does not import is because of lack of communication in-house. Example: If a production person has named the content file (PDF/EPUB) with the hardcover ISBN, but the publicist/marketer has created the NetGalley title record with the paperback ISBN, then the file and title record will not match up. ISBN is the primary identifier in NetGalley, so it is crucial that the content files and title records match exactlyAn easy way to avoid this common mistake is to share your manifest internally! Once the manifest has been uploaded to NetGalley, send it also to the production folks so they're aware which ISBN was used for each title.

Ensure your Notifications are set up correctly.

Click your publisher name at the top of your account to open your Account Settings. In the "Email Alerts" section, enter the contact information to receive important email alerts. Indicate who within your organization is best suited to receive these notifications for all books. 


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