Adding Assigned Title Limit

In order to help you manage your company-wide subscription level, you will see an option to Set a Title Limit for each imprint in your account on your Company Admin Dashboard. This is completely optional, but some benefits of setting imprint-level title limits include:

  • Splitting up your overall company subscription level to assign more or fewer active title “spots” based on imprints’ publication schedules.
  • Encouraging imprint users to archive titles that are no longer being promoted, freeing up space in their account to add more titles.
  • Closer management of your teams’ NetGalley use as they notify you if/when they need additional titles beyond the title limit you set.

Our goal is to help you manage your NetGalley account with greater visibility into usage & activity across your teams!

To set a title limit for your imprints, navigate to your Company Admin Dashboard and choose the “Set a Title Limit” button for each imprint account. 



You will see the overall company subscription level at the top of that page, and may assign imprint title limits up to that maximum subscription level.

If you prefer to allow imprints to use any available title spots from the overall subscription level, no changes will be needed. This will appear as you see in the screenshot above, “This imprint has no assigned limit.”  

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